Collect precious bonus points for every order!

The bonus point system of our shop is really easy to understand - and every customer can benefit from it! With every new order your point account fills up by itself, you don‘t have to take any special action. Every euro of your order value counts one point, the numbers are rounded in accordance with standard commercial practice.

Convert every order into bonus points - and save money on your next purchase!

Collect you points for the next order or encash them whenever you want. Every bonus point reduces the total cost of a self-selected subsequent order by 2 euro-cents - this way you can save a lot of money!

Look for bonus promotions!

Look for the Funky4Kids bonus promotions which we will announce on our website - and receive an even higher price discount! In a special bonus promotion you may for example get double points for your purchase - this will fill your point account to the brim! And more promotions are planned where you can benefit in other ways: Let us surprise you! High quality children‘s fashion has rarely been so well-priced.

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